Chinese is an interesting and useful language that can take you on to a new career path. We provide an innovative learning structure with our courses being taught by a professional teacher and several teaching assistants (TAs). We assign 1 TA to every 4 learners, and break each course into 50% lecture time and 50% tutoring-practice time. The TAs will be right next to you, reminding you of the words, correcting your tones and grammar.

Don’t forget, the purpose of a language is to communicate!

How we work?

Each class has 1 teacher and several TAs (depends on the amount of learners, 4 learners share 1 TA). The teacher and TAs work as a team to help you pick up the language. Half of the class time the teacher will conduct with details. The other half will be designed group activities with the TAs to practice what the lecture went through.

Class schedule

1900-1915 Group tutoring: The teacher and TAs revise what you learned in last lesson

1915-2015 New lessons: The teacher conducts vocabulary, grammar, and dialog

2015-2030 Group task and activities: interact with the teacher and TAs in group learning

In most language courses, 1 teacher teaches, students sit down and listen to them. They don't have time to help each student, and you don't have chances to practice with them!

Study with us, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions and practice speaking!

What you will learn?

In Beginners' Chinese 1st term, you will be able to introduce yourself, meeting new friends, and basic social conversation! We focus more on conversation and less on writing characters.

We guarantee: in 3 months, you will start speaking Chinese!

If you want more literacy, don't worry, we will put you in the 'Intense Literacy Group', and you'll have more tasks in literacy, and your TA will focus on literacy during group time.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of experienced teachers who have worked in other language centres but want to start our own class now. We are working with a charity, we are non-profit, and we provide a good fun and friendly service.

We provide good service for you, not for your money.

Most of us are from Taiwan. We know both traditional and simplified Chinese. Our older generations pass on many Chinese traditions and cultures which we will pass on to you as well.

When and How much?

We will have a brand new start in 2013.





Price (per lesson)


Every Thur 7pm

starts from 10 Jan

12 lessons

£25 pay at door

£20 pay advance

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Now: £15! (Early bird discount. Pay in full term)

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personal lesson

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Most of your tuition fee will go to charity